Boy, everyone seems to have missed the point on my last tutorial

regarding shrinking C++ binary sizes.

From reddit

, to tuts4you, to my own site, I think people’s IQs have plummeted in the last day or two.

First of all, please tell me where in my tutorial it says you HAVE TO implement any of these techniques, or even that you should. Obviously, this is simply for educational purposes, not as a design philosophy to live by. Do you, dear dissenters, read a tutorial on the PE header structure and then feel you must create every PE file from now forward by hand? NO. It is a way of understanding HOW THINGS WORK.All tutorials are a what if. It seems many have lost sight of this fact. Yes, I gave suggestions on removing some security procedures in a binary. Should you do this on your commercial software? What do you think?!  You guys act as if this is a design pattern book that is being taught in high-schools across the coutry.

Secondly, for all of you that say this tutorial is worthless as you can’t actually do any of this in a real-world scenario; HELLO?! These are for crackmes to help people learn a specific subject, not Pulitzer level super-code. Since when does writing a Hello World program have any real-world value? If you people had your way, I guess we should not allow these as well, for certainly there’s ‘no point’.

Lastly, my opinions on Microsoft are just that, Mine. If you’re not mature enough to let others have opinions, don’t add your own. Your feeling that Microsoft is not that bad is just that- an opinion. I’m entitled to mine, your entitled to yours. When all of you censors out there finally decide to contribute more than naive comments on others work and make your own tutorials, you may put whatever opinions you want in them. I can either read them, or not. Choice seems to have been thrown away as not a viable option. Your dystopia is only a bookmark deletion away.